Don’t Panic – a guide for leaders

Leading makes one lonely. The higher you get, the smaller the number of people with whom you can talk openly. The colleagues look only for weaknesses and squint into their agendas. Most advisors want to sell, in the end, always only overpriced, highly motivated but inexperienced youngsters. Employees expect leadership with clear guidelines and answers to all kinds of questions. But where do they come from when you’re on your own?

Don’t panic! This book does not answer all the questions. There is however some food for thought from a combination of scientific insights and practical experience of many years.

It is not meant to be read from front to back in one go and then shelf it with the other books. Each question “What about you?” gives an impulse and is a chance for self-reflection and personal development. In this respect, this book is not a complete travel plan.

How could it be, because every developmental journey depends on the personality and one’s chosen path. However, it offers some useful hints at a few distinctive waypoints, so that there isn’t too much despair. If you decide to follow the respective path, it’s advisable to dig deeper from there.

This book is not only suitable for leaders and those who intend to become one. It describes many effects in business and interpersonal mechanics. Therefore, it contains valuable insights for everyone.

Prefer the haptic experience? It’s also available as paperback.

Nothing is Everything – the long journey to insight

Objectively everything went well: a fast career, a loving wife and a wonderful daughter. Nevertheless, the belly grumbled, something was missing and one day it was just too much.

The collapse was followed by a dry diagnosis: too little leadership competence – and that despite a successful 10-year career in IT consulting with the management of large three-digit project teams.

Irritated, the author set off on his long journey from the centuries-old intersection of the western and eastern hemispheres – Vienna. His journey took him through martial arts, ZEN meditation and psychoanalysis. The ongoing transformation process in leadership understanding in the financial industry offered an ideal learning field to understand what is really behind “Agile” and its new view on the world.

His path led him across Europe, from Santa’s office to a notorious ashram in India. The book is a travelogue of an inner journey and above all a long love letter to a wonderful woman whom the author owned a few explanations after almost 30 years. And of course, a big thank you to two wonderful daughters, who taught him a lot on this way.

The book outlines some methods and approaches that were relevant for this path. It is a very personal book and therefore the step to publication was not easy. But if it was to inspire only one person, it was worth it.

Prefer the haptic experience? It’s also available as paperback.