About this blog

We live in turbulent times. Particularly for leaders its hard to find time to read a book. 

I used my sabbatical to write a book. I had never done this before, but it just felt right at this moment.

In India so many things fell in place that I just opened my computer and started typing. 

Originally it was just a writeup for myself and my wife. Based on the extremely positive feedback of the few people I gave it to I decided to be brave and publish it. 

It was a hard decision as the story is very personal. However if it just helps to inspire one additional person it was worth it.

Based on this experience I also decided to change my life and share my knowledge with individuals and organisations in need for transformation.

Agile is not only a new delivery model. It entirely changes the way we lead. Due to the increased complexity and speed of our life there is hardly any alternative to this.

I will use this blog to share my thoughts on how business relevant aspects of this change. Looking forward to work with you on this in your organisation.