Manage the bellcurve

Photo by Luis Perdigao
Photo by Luis Perdigao

Already back in 1809 the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss defined an equation, which is an essential basis for stochastics. What does this have to do with leadership? Well, a lot in working with people is about distributions: Talent, intelligence, performance, willingness to change. It’s good to understand the mechanics behind it.

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Private life in business

Photo by Dayne Topkin

How much private life can we let into business? This question is not so easy to answer and there is no single correct answer. I know good managers in HR departments who consciously draw a dividing line – after all, they never know when they will have to have a very serious conversation with their counterpart. On the other hand, the high project pressure during out-of-town assignments forges young consultants together so closely that, logically, deep friendships develop as a result. So, what should you do?

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Shape the right culture

The American economist Peter Drucker put it so nicely: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” Of what use is the most beautiful target picture and the most sophisticated vision if the team doesn’t pull along? Most transformations don’t fail because of technology or incomplete process maps. Creating the right culture mobilizes the required forces. This is a task for real leaders.

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