Agile can work

Photo by Vidar Nordli
Photo by Vidar Nordli

A lot has been written about Agile. Many companies follow the trend and are in the middle of a transformation. Others believe that this is yet another hype that will pass. Younger developers know waterfalls only from hiking while experienced executives observe the revolution skeptically. There is hardly a topic that is currently more under dispute – as if it were a new religious war.

And indeed, Agile is rather a question of the mindset than about a delivery model.

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How rumors poison the climate

Photo by Nathan DumlaoI admit that I also like to exchange news with my colleagues. “Have you already heard…”

It can also be quite soothing – especially if are upset about something and can then lock the door of your colleague’s office to talk about the stupid situation. It often makes you feel better. After all, you actively contribute to informal company communication and exchange ideas with your colleagues.

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