Who’s fault is it?

Photo by Adi Goldstein

One of my former bosses had a nice sign on his desk: “It’s my fault!”. He often pointed to it silently when we came to him again finger-pointing on each other – complaining and quarreling.

Our project was very stressful. Everyone had a lot to do on a tight schedule. Of course, we had defined our responsibilities at the beginning of the project so that we could each concentrate on our areas. Given the complexity of the project, this was a must.

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How trust works

Photo by Liane Metzler

Trust is the currency of interpersonal relationships. The metaphor of an account has always helped me to illustrate this when I was working with people from financial services. Once you initiate a relationship with a person, you open up a trust account. Every action that meets the expectations increases the account balance.  Every disappointment leads to a debit.

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