Welcome to my site. Many things are changing these days. The complexity has increased exponentially in recent years and we often feel overwhelmed by the speed of change.

Digitisation has turned entire industries upside down and successfully shaken established systems. Both companies and individuals feel the need for change.

But that’s not so easy. After all, it’s all about changing behaviours and exploring new paths.

In my 20-year career in the financial industry, I have always been in the center of complex transformation processes. My focus has shifted more and more from technology to people. As an educated engineer I had to realise that transformations do not only depend on technology and processes, but above all on the change of cultures.

Since many people no longer have time to read books these days, I describe the most important findings in a blog – and beyond.

It’s worthwhile for everyone to take a closer look at it. Therefore I have also written 2 books. The first book “Nothing is everything – the long way to insight” describes my own inner and outer way. The second book “Don’t Panic – a guide for leaders”¬†addresses everyone who wants to better understand ¬†the interpersonal effects in transformation processes and develop.

With my work as a Leadership Consultant, I have also specialised professionally in sharing this knowledge with individuals and organisations to help them grow and find their path.