Shape the right culture

The American economist Peter Drucker put it so nicely: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” Of what use is the most beautiful target picture and the most sophisticated vision if the team doesn’t pull along? Most transformations don’t fail because of technology or incomplete process maps. Creating the right culture mobilizes the required forces. This is a task for real leaders.

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We get digital

Photo by Joshua Sortino
Photo by Joshua Sortino

Some must always have the latest version; others hide behind their paper newspaper. Our children grow up quite naturally with it and don’t know it any other way. In recent years, digitalization has turned things upside down: the distribution of knowledge, communication and the shaping of public opinion. It has swept across many sectors like a tsunami. For some, the water is still up to their necks.

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Agile can work

Photo by Vidar Nordli
Photo by Vidar Nordli

A lot has been written about Agile. Many companies follow the trend and are in the middle of a transformation. Others believe that this is yet another hype that will pass. Younger developers know waterfalls only from hiking while experienced executives observe the revolution skeptically. There is hardly a topic that is currently more under dispute – as if it were a new religious war.

And indeed, Agile is rather a question of the mindset than about a delivery model.

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Who’s fault is it?

Photo by Adi Goldstein

One of my former bosses had a nice sign on his desk: “It’s my fault!”. He often pointed to it silently when we came to him again finger-pointing on each other – complaining and quarreling.

Our project was very stressful. Everyone had a lot to do on a tight schedule. Of course, we had defined our responsibilities at the beginning of the project so that we could each concentrate on our areas. Given the complexity of the project, this was a must.

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