Leadership Cafe 3 by Adjacent Possible with Alexander Bodmann

In this third edition of our Leadership Café, we are reflecting on Leadership and Compassion. Alex is leading an organization with 5.000 employees and 50.000 volunteers as Managing Director of Caritas Wien.

In our coffee talk, he explained how his team approached him suggesting to explore new ways of management. He shares his experience of how introducing sociocratic decision-making lifted their way of management to a new level and helped to build commitment in a passionate environment.


Wisdom or bitterness? The choice is yours!

Photo: Daniel von Appen

We all know some elder people around us. While some rest in themselves and radiate deep wisdom, others are bitter and complain all the time – about the weather, the circumstances and getting old itself. What is the reason for this? Isn’t it a pity to live out your days like this? If you ask a person whether he would rather be wise or bitter, he will hardly choose the latter. But it’s not quite that simple. And yet you have a choice.

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U-Theory – find your path

Photo by Melissa Askew
Photo by Melissa Askew

Sometimes the stomach grumbles and the mind is helpless. We feel that something is not right and want to listen to our heart. But how should we do that? The German professor Otto Scharmer has developed a method that he teaches at the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Rational scientists, in particular, need a clear process model if they want to go beyond the path of technology.

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How the matrix works

Photo by Markus Spiske
Photo by Markus Spiske

There are only two ways to build an organization: Vertically along the value chains or horizontally according to the different capabilities. Agile doesn’t help either; they just name it differently. My old company changed the organization from one dimension to the other every 5 years. This also made sense for a consulting firm to ensure a breath of fresh air in each change.

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