Humans can’t do Multitasking

Photo by the creative exchange
Photo by the creative exchange

No, not even women. Of course, we all already got sucked up so much into a phone call that we can’t remember what happened on the road during the last 100km on the motorway. But we delegated the activity “driving a car” to our subconscious. This is not possible for activities that require our attention. We have to switch constantly and these set-up times stress us – as individuals and in teams.

A computer can only do multitasking if it has several identical parallel computing cores. Then an intelligent dispatcher controls the optimal utilization of the processors. Is there such a thing for teams?

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Leaders must be crazy, right?

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi

If you look around in today’s world or even in history, you could easily conclude that pathological personality disorders are the basis for success as a respected leader. Of course, hardly any of these personalities have been officially diagnosed with the disease – this would be detrimental to their status. However, it has always caused much suffering. What would all these people answer to the most difficult of all questions: “Are you happy?”

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